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Become a Home Owner in 4 Easy Steps!

We are not just any real estate investment firm. We make home ownership easy for you. We offer a dependable and convenient alternative to owning a home without the hassle of dealing with banks for a conventional loan. Our seller financing program enables you to buy a home with as little as a $3,000 down payment and fixed monthly payments! No credit check, income verification, or background screening required.



Pre-Qualify now to receive notifications about properties that match your requirements. It's free with no obligations, and won't affect your credit score.


Property Tour

Once pre-qualified, we will schedule a tour for you to gather more details about the property and assess if it meets your goals.


Make it Official!

Establish your home ownership with a down payment, signed agreement, secure a homeowners insurance policy, and transfer utilities into your name.


Move In!

Congratulations on your new home! It's time to pick up the keys, settle in, and enjoy the freedom to renovate, decorate, and live exactly as you please.

Small Down Payment + Fixed Monthly Payments 

With our Contract for Deed program, buyers can stash more cash in their pockets while embarking on their path to ownership.

No Credit Check, Income Verification, or Background Screening  

Don't let your history write your story! That's why we're here to make owning a home a dream come true for all.

Simple Process Complete in as Little as 5 Days

We'll handle the nitty-gritty stuff like liens, tax burdens, and other delays to make sure the property is hassle-free  and ready for you to move in on your schedule!

We know the challenge and have a solution! 

Over the past few years, the real estate industry has been a roller coaster of unpredictability due to competition, interest rates, and available properties. These factors have had a huge impact on those with lower incomes or who lack the required large down payment making it almost impossible to qualify for a traditional mortgage, and puts homeownership out of reach.

We recognize that these challenges affect everyone in different ways. That's why we are committed to assisting both traditional home buyers who are unable to meet the down payment requirements of institutional lenders and landlord investors who seek to expand their business during these unpredictable times. 
We strive to provide home owners and investors with the best possible deals, making smart and informed decisions that deliver a dream scenario that they would never be eligible for when purchasing property the traditional way. We believe that our commitment to providing valuable insights, combined with our personalized service, sets us apart from other real estate investment firms.

You might be a good fit for us if...

You would prefer to put a smaller down payment instead of the typical 20% down required.

Your credit score or debt-to-income ratio aren’t quite there yet.

You want to scale your rental portfolio without tying up too much capital in one deal.

You’re self-employed or just got a new job.

You would rather put your rental payments towards building equity.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, our buyer screening is easy and no fees involved! We simply get to know you and better understand your home goals and schedule. When we spot a potential match, we send it directly to you. If it looks like a fit, we book a showing! Free. No commitment. No Impact on your credit score.  

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